Saferun starters

We manufacture reliable and flexible Safe Run starters for industrial automations projects.

Objectives of Safe Run starters are:
  • Process a large amount of data in a sort time
  • Compact and light weight
  • Self contained electronic apparatus for a wide range of industrial automation
  • Easy to access manually as well as through BMS application
  • Increased reliability
  • Faster response and resolution time
  • Convenience to troubleshoot
Mounting arrangement:
  • Wall/Floor mounting cabinet with standard pre-defined sizes
  • Enclosure comes with IP54 and IP55
Settable parameters:
  • 1. Voltage protection
    • Over voltage trip
    • Under voltage trip
    • Unbalanced voltage trip
    • Single phase protection
  • 2. Current protection
    • Over load trip
    • Under load trip
    • Unbalanced load trip
    • Single phase Ct bypassed trip
  • 3. Di Commend
  • 4. Auto reset
  • 5. Auto/Manual function check
    • Auto on/off
    • Manual on/off
    • Feedback voltage status check
    • Manual bypass count check
Unit features:
  • 1X4 seven segment LED display
  • The unit is password protected
  • Nine protection function (SPP, PR, UBL, OL, UL, UBU, OV, UU, FB)
  • Front panel LED indication for Red, Yellow and Blue phases
  • Front panel LED indication for On, Off, Auto/Manual and setting mode
  • Contactor for on/off
  • For BMS purpose exclusive contactors for On/Off, Auto/Manual and Trip status
  • Bypass switch for failsafe operation
  • If trip occurs, then buzzer gets On until the fault gets accepted manually
  • Auxiliary supply is 230V AC @ 50 Hz
Advantages over Normal straters:
  • Simple and compact
  • All the parameters can be viewed over display
  • Faults can be identified exactly
  • Cost effective
  • More reliable and protective
  • Easy handling
  • Reduce complexity of cabling for parameters
  • Easy monitoring of the system
  • Easy to integrate with RS Modbus